CupcakKe has come to the defense of Jordyn Woods, who was seemingly fat-shamed by Khloe Kardashian earlier this week.

On the season finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which aired this past Sunday (June 30), Khloe called Jordyn fat while accusing her of cheating with her baby's father Tristan Thompson. On Tuesday morning (July 2), CupcakKe jumped on her Twitter account to point out Khloe’s hypocrisy for making of Jordyn's weight.

“How she calling someone fat but her body plastic ...... I have to laugh,” CupcakKe tweeted, alluding to Khloe's reported history of plastic surgery in the process.

On the episode, Khloe called out Jordyn and Thompson for kissing behind her back. While talking to Tristan’s friend via FaceTime, a seemingly intoxicated Khloe screamed, “Tristan, fuck you if you can hear me! They both admitted it to me. Both of them. Fat fucking assholes.”

Khloe the added, “Don’t say that you didn’t do something that you fucking did when you both fucking told me that you kissed, bitches!”

CupcakKe wasn't the only person to call Khloe out. On Twitter, plenty of fans were also quick to come to Jordyn’s defense as they criticized Khloe for calling Jordyn even though Khloe has dealt with being made fun of for her size in the past. She's also the creator of Revenge Body With Khloe Kardashian, which is a reality show that focuses on people working to transform their bodies in the aftermath of their relationships.

You can read CupcakKe's tweet below and watch Khloe's tirade on Keeping Up with the Kardashians below as well.

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