This morning, Thursday April 5th,  on my morning show the custodian for all seven radio stations at Townsquare Media, "Big-D," jumped in on the show. Big-D has become a fixture on the show and often we have NO IDEA as to what he is going to say On-Air. While we often hold our breath and hope that he doesn't say anything to get us "fired," this morning he made an admission that left us speechless. As we journey into conversation about the upcoming Easter weekend, our friend "Big-D" made a surprising admission to Candice and me. Not only has he never "pocked" Easter eggs, but he now says that he gets his eggs from GIRARD PARK here in Lafayette. Look, if you have ever been to the park, you know that the duck population is out-of-control. Well, "Big-D" thinks he is doing his part to help control the duck population at the park by stealing the duck eggs and using them for his Easter egg hut!! Don't believe me?? Just turn-up your PC speakers and witness what he said On-Air!!!