Last night, I was stunned by this receipt that was left for me by a party of eight people. I would have preferred a "$0"...

Posted by Jessica Corinne on Tuesday, August 18, 2015


I've been in restaurants where the food takes forever, but it's not the server's fault! Yes, I will still tip them. Once again it's not their fault.

Jess Jones is a 20-year-old waitress and Rutgers University student just trying to make some money to pay bills while she goes through college. She works at D'Jais Bar & Grill when a group of 8 people walked in. They had to wait a little long because it's a group of 8.

When the bill came out it was $112.13, she had worked her butt off to make them happy knowing the food took a little longer then usual. It didn't matter to the customers that left her 'LOL' as her tip, with an explanation of '1 hour food.'

She posted the tip online and it has gone viral.

Please tip your waitress, they only make $2.50 an hour and get taxed on that. Don't blame the waitress for slow food service.

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