A theory about food servers' hairstyles has gone viral online and that has prompted more than a few servers to test it out and see if it works. And from what we are seeing based on their reports, it really works. But apparently, it only works for female servers.

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There are a lot of theories associated with food service and how the hard-working servers can get you to add a larger tip to your final bill. Let's face it, servers often get the brunt of a poor-performing kitchen, so if the kitchen is slow, the service will be slow, and that usually means a lower than expected tip for the waiter or waitress through no fault of their own.

That's why through the years servers have come up with different ways to enhance their gratuity. Once such was is to simply be attractive. That's right a recent survey showed that attractive servers earned about $1,250 bucks more in tips than their less attractive counterparts, that survey was published in the journal of Economic Psychology. 

Warner Bros. Entertainment via YouTube
Warner Bros. Entertainment via YouTube

So, what's one way a server could appear to be more attractive? In the case of female servers, it would be to appear younger. What's one way to appear younger? Change your hairstyle and apparently, that means pigtails.

One Tik Tok creator named Bella, who can be found on the social media site as @b_woodard decided to test out the "pigtail theory" to see if it would enhance her take from the tip till.

First, Bella, thank you for noting that the pigtail thing was "weird and creepy" because it is. Second, the fact that you earned such a huge increase in your tip take was absolutely astounding.

As you might imagine, that led Bella aka @b_woodard to try a few more styles and see if there was really something to the "hairstyles for hot tips" phenomenon. 

Based on Bella's report the pigtails appear to be directly tied to higher tips, at least from male patrons. So, if you're a waitress and you serve predominantly male customers, it might be in your financial interests to start wearing pigtails.

If you're a male server, well we have no evidence to support your cause either way but from my own personal point of view, don't. Just don't, at least with the pigtails.

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