It has been an eventful Monday morning for rapper DaBaby and singer DaniLeigh.

Sadly, their personal drama was on display for all to see via Instagram Live as DaBaby kicked her out while she was feeding their 3-month old child. DaniLeigh has been involved on and off with DaBaby over the last few years and in August, gave birth to their daughter.

DaBaby is heard on video booting DaniLeigh from his penthouse in numerous videos that have surfaced via IG live all morning long. The nasty back and forth continued for hours, with DaniLeigh getting on her Instagram Live as well.

At multiple points during the live videos, DaniLeigh tried to stop DaBaby from filming their heated arguments (even while she was nursing the baby in bed) but he was persistent in making sure the spat was public so that no one could misconstrue what was taking place between them as they went round and round.

DaniLeigh also went live on her own phone, which is where we saw the cops get involved in the background.

The singer said her piece on the social media platform, telling her followers that she was getting kicked out of DaBaby's pad in L.A. but had nowhere to go.

Both DaBaby and DaniLeigh eventually released their own "statements" on Instagram and both of them claimed to be the victim in this very public drama. At one point, DaBaby even accused DaniLeigh of getting physical with him and claimed he began filming for his own protection.

Meanwhile, DaniLeigh claims she's been living with DaBaby since having their kid and believes that she's being kicked out so that he can be with another woman.

Speaking of other women, it seems as if DaBaby's other baby mama has also entered the chat.

As the morning continued, more live videos surfaced on Instagram.

DaniLeigh seemed to respond to DaBaby's public claim that she has just been a "side chick" all along by posting a montage of dated photos and videos showing them being romantic with one another.

DaBaby then posted another video to his Instagram feed captioned with a message to "TAKE CARE OF THEM KIDS."

Here is a 7-minute video recapping all of the Instagram live videos. Get a full recap with more details here via XXL.

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