A California man who used a shotgun to blast his son's stereo will not face legal consquences for his actions, according to prosecutors. The man told cops that he went to his shotgun cabinet and retrieved a shotgun after his son would not lower the volume to his stereo. Stanislaw Jarmolowicz, 53, was arrested last week on suspicion of shooting at or into a building. However, authorities later learned that Jarmolowicz shot his son's stereo speaker after he refused to lower the volume. Jamolowicz says that his son is an aspiring DJ, and simply did not follow up upon his request when he says, "the disco music was just too loud."

This story really hits home, because growing up at home, I too often had music really LOUD in my room. However, I am fortunate that my parents never stormed into my room with a shotgun and blasted my DJ equipment or speakers.

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