I'm not a father, but this is definitely not on my list of 'Things To Do!'  In Nicaragua, a father takes his 16-YEAR-OLD son to a prostitute so he can lose his virginity and become a man.  Ok, he is probably not the first dad to do this, but I'm pretty sure most don't make a documentary out of it.Granted there are different customs around the world for all cultures, but isn't this taking it a little bit far?  Apparently the man's son had a lot of questions, so he took it upon himself to give the young chap some 'hands on' experience.

I don't know if this is a culture thing, but some of the interviewees in the video believe the boy should be able to make the decision himself.  Take the time to watch the video and you decide who was actually in the wrong.  Was it the father for taking him............or the boy for not saying no?

Don't worry there is nothing shown in the video! **MILD LANGUAGE**