A father has recently gone viral after an incident involving his family and a retail store employee in Dallas, Texas. The Dillard's employee allegedly used a racial slur towards the man and his family after they asked him where the dressing room was located.


According to social media posts that have now gone viral, an employee at a Dillard's store located in the NorthPark Center mall in Dallas, Texas had some not-so-nice things to say to a black family that was shopping in his store. After hearing what was said, the father of the family confronted the Dillard's employee.

The black father was not letting this slide, as his young child and another adult all witnessed the awful moment.

Twitter via @davenewworld_2
Twitter via @davenewworld_2

As you can see, the man did not get in the Dillard's employee's personal space while confronting him. He also never raised his voice or insighted any form of violence while discussing what happened with the employee.

The employee's only audible explanation throughout the encounter was that he either hit or hurt his leg and had let out a curse word as a result. This explanation left the father dumbfounded, as it still didn't explain what multiple witnesses apparently heard the Dillard's employee say towards the family.

Black Father Confronts Dallas Dillard's Employee for Using Racial Slur

See the video of the confrontation for yourself via @davenewworld_2 on Twitter below.

As you can see above, a relative of the father went to Instagram to give more details on the story.

The screenshotted Instagram caption explains that the man simply asked this Dillard's employee where the fitting room was at. It wasn't until the man walked away that the employee allegedly let out the racial slur, which was heard by his child and another adult.

Through the encounter, the Dillard's employee said that he had been working at the store for over 20 years. But, according to a recent Twitter interaction, that is no longer the case.

Dallas Dillard's Employee Fired after Using Racial Slur Towards Black Family

See a response from @Dillards on Twitter below.

As you can see above, Dillard's official Twitter account responded to a post calling out the man's employment. According to the post, the incident was investigated and that employee has been fired.

See reactions to the incident coming from Twitter below.

Clearly, this was a rough incident all-around. While Dillard's has seemingly taken the appropriate actions in regards to this employee, as the father stated, the damage was done as his son witnessed a disgusting display of human behavior while simply out shopping.

Hopefully this incident can be an example of how difficult situations can be handled with grace, but maybe more importantly, how humans should treat each other with respect. As the father pointed out, you never know what someone else is going through.

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