Though famous for her famously breathy voice and sexy dance moves, Dev may shoot to infamy against her will. The ‘Dancing Shoes’ singer is in the midst of a sex tape scandal.


TMZ reports that the alleged sex tape was shot last year with an ex boyfriend in the same style as Paris Hilton’s infamous home movie: in night vision. While Dev hasn’t commented on the tape, she’d likely be unable to deny that it’s her in the video. Why? Because the starlet in the tape apparently has all of Dev’s signature tattoos, including a diamond on her front left shoulder and two sparrows on her lower back.

A third party is currently shopping the tape around to various media outlets, waiting for the highest bidder. No one knows for sure just yet exactly how said third party snagged the tape to begin with.

If Dev sues to stop distribution and sale of her sex tape, it won’t be the only legal headache the California native has on her plate right now. She’s in the midst of suing her label, Indie-Pop, and her former management team, on counts of fraud for taking advantage of her when she got signed.

Aside from her sex tape and lawsuit drama, Dev may also be bummed about her longtime collaborators, the Cataracs, potentially breaking up. David Singer-Vine left the production duo that discovered the starlet.

While Dev relies heavily on a sex-drenched image and lyrics, we doubt the proud mom would want her own sex life made public — especially when she’s got her daughter, Emilia, looking up to her. But if worse comes to worst, this may boost her record sales and get her a reality show: It worked for Hilton and Kim Kardashian!

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