Dev is wrapped up in a legal battle with her record label, Indie-Pop, which she says took advantage of her at the young age of 18.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the contracts entitled the label, her former manager and attorney to 75 percent of her income, and allows them to “deduct expenses ‘off the top’ of her share.” The now 23-year-old filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming that the contracts violate California’s “Seven Year Rule.”

The singer is suing Indie-Pop LLC, attorney Joshua Andriano and managers Benjamin Willis and Carlo Fox, maintaining that the deal was an “onerous, one-sided agreement” that should be “null and void,” says the complaint. Dev claims she was pushed into signing the contract without time to review it, and that the defendants “manipulated her into believing that she could trust them fully.” In addition, Dev says she did not have independent legal representation to review the agreement, and insists that the defendants have participated in fraud.

Although it seems like the contracts are taking an inordinate percentage of Dev’s earnings, deals like this — which include publishing income, worldwide copyrights, merchandising rights and touring income — are not uncommon in the music industry these days. Indie-Pop has not yet commented on the lawsuit.

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