Many pop music watchers thought Dev getting pregnant right before her debut album’s release — ‘The Night the Sun Came Up’ was pushed back at least three times since 2011 — was the death knell and kiss of death for her career. She was scorching hot and seemed to have the Midas touch, musically. Dev, however, did not see getting pregnant and starting a family as anything but a blessing.

In a recent chat with Univision, Dev, 24, revealed that her newborn daughter Emilia Lovely, who arrived in December, “really likes music, which is perfect,” so she sometimes sings her to sleep. The songstress also plays lullaby albums by Kanye West, Coldplay and Nirvana, so little Emilia will certainly grow up musically inclined.

Juggling a burgeoning career and motherhood requires Dev to ingest “as much coffee as I can.” She also has a Mr. Mom in the form of her fiancé, Jimmy Gorecki. “He has my back and supports me and does whatever he can to help, and that means a lot,” the ‘Kiss My Lips’ singer said. “In the middle of the night, he will wake up with her because I’ll have to do photo shoots or shows the next day… It’s definitely a scary thing when you have your first child; you don’t really know what to expect. But having the support of everybody is awesome.”

Dev travels with Emilia on the road — she and her baby daddy share a bus with their little girl, while everyone else on her tour populates other vehicles. “I’m trying really hard and working my a– off to make being a mom work, as well as being an artist. So far, it’s been fun,” she said.

Emilia was on site at mom’s Los Angeles concert at the Roxy a few weeks back, wearing her own protective, noise canceling headphones. “When my fiancé and I fell in love and wanted to have a family, we wanted to do all this stuff, too,” she said, unfazed by the fact that people were raising their eyebrows at bringing an infant to a concert. “It was like, we’re not gonna quit and stop our lives because we have a child.”

She continued, “We’re f—ing cool people, we’re going to raise her to be a f—ng cool person. It was my first night celebrating the album. My sisters and parents came down, and I wanted my husband and baby to be there, so I bought these headphones for her [laughs]. It was too funny because she slept through the whole thing! She’s like, ‘Mom, you’re wack as hell’ [laughs].”

All kids should have a mom as cool as Dev.

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