Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant revealed what fueled his motivation to "beat the brakes" off of the New Orleans Saints in Week 4.

Now that I've had a few days to lick my wounds from the beatdown that was put upon my New Orleans Saints this past Sunday night, I figured I could share a story that brought laughter to an otherwise gloomy night for me and the rest of the Who Dat Nation.

I decided to make the trip to Dallas with a few friends for the Week 4 matchup in Jerry's World—also known as AT&T Stadium.

To give a quick overview of the stadium experience, there was so much going on in that building that, at times, I almost forgot I was there to see a football game. It seriously makes WWE look like Mid South Wrestling. To sum it up in two words: sensory overload.

Not only was I exhausted from the relentless barrage of media thrown my way for four quarters of professional football—my team was embarrassed on national television, and as I stared out of the window of my buddy's SUV watching sad Saints fans walk by while Cowboys fans celebrated like they just won the Super Bowl, I was already dreading what the rest of our season would look like.

And at that moment, Dez Bryant showed up to lift my spirits with one of the most ridiculous interviews I've ever heard in my life.

During the post-game reporter Ben Rogers of 105.3 KRLD-FM caught up with Dez Bryant who told a story about an incident earlier that week that motivated him to beat the Saints.

I just wanted to go get a great meal, just enjoy a little bit of family time with my brother, and there were a lot of Saints fans. I went to Pappadeauxs. You know, it’s like a Creole spot. And you know me. When people get to disrespecting, I got to say something back, but I didn’t.


The reporter, clearly concerned, asked Dez what type of awful things the Saints fan was telling him. His response?


A lady was saying ‘Who Dat? Who Dat? I don’t care if he’s being right there. Who Dat?’ … while I was trying to eat my meal. So, I had to keep calm, which I did. And in my mind I was like, ‘Man, this lady need to shut up.’ Well, it was a little worse than that. But, I kept my composure. And I was like, ‘Man, I really hope we beat the brakes off of them.’ And I really hope she tuned in. I know she did.

Everyone else in the car, including one Cowboys fan, erupted in laughter and one of my homies summed up what we were all thinking when he said, "Dez Bryant was motivated to play hard to spite one female Saints fan who told him 'Who Dat' at a Pappadeaux restaurant."

dez bryant new orleans saints fan pappadeaux
Tom Pennington, Getty Images

By the way Bryant told the story you would have sworn this Saints fan was hurling the most despicable insults at him while hovering over his meal at an uncomfortable distance, blatantly invading his personal space.

Nope, it was just a lady saying 'Who Dat' to one of the most recognizable players on the Dallas Cowboys roster and the entire National Football League.

And it didn't stop there. (C'mon, this is Dez Bryant we are talking about here.)

You know what the greatest thing about tonight was? I got to close it out. I got to close it out, Man. Dagger. And shout to that lady. And I really hope she sees this. Cause I’m going straight to Twitter after I get dressed.

Let this be a lesson to anyone who's team has to face the Dallas Cowboys. If you see Dez Bryant eating in a restaurant—or eating anywhere for that matter—refrain from any smack talk, or he may just be motivated to play well against your squad.

All in all, Dez put up a very unimpressive stat line of three catches for 44 yards—one for a 18-yard touchdown with 3:34 left in the 4th quarter when the game was all but decided—tying his season low set in Week 1 against San Francisco.

But he's part of the team and a win is a win, right?

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