Louisiana born comedian, Theo Von, hosted world-known music producer Diplo on the latest episode of his podcast "This Past Weekend".

"New Orleans is the birth of all American music, in my opinion. Everything comes from New Orleans", Diplo says as the two dive deep into the New Orleans Music scene.

During the podcast, Diplo praised the music of New Orleans as well as multiple Baton Rouge raised artists. Born in Mississippi as Thomas Wesley Pence, Diplo got into multiple topics with Von including music and culture in New Orleans. (Fast forward to 42:49)

Diplo talks about the sound that has come out of New Orleans, referring to 'Mannie Fresh' and 'Big Tymers'. Von and Diplo also go into Bounce Music and its artists like 'Big Freedia', 'Fly Boi Keno', and 'Sissy Nobby'.

The two also give praise to Baton Rouge rappers such as 'NBA Youngboy', 'Kevin Gates', and 'Lil Boosie'. Diplo even tells a story of how he went see a Boosie concert at a mall in Baton Rouge before the rapper went to prison.

Diplo and Theo Von go on to reference multiple Louisiana figures including Lafayette UFC fighter Dustin Poirier, Shaq, and many other athletes and artists.

I encourage anyone who is a fan of Diplo, or music in general, to give this podcast a listen as he divulges his love for Louisiana and his affinity for New Orleans music.


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