A parent's worst nightmare is harm being done to their child, especially when their child is under someone else's supervision.

We have all heard the horror stories of some daycares taking discipline too far or not supervising them properly. Ge'Nene Davis, a Baton Rouge mother, wants answers after she picked her son up from daycare.

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When Davis picked up her 15-month-old son Gabriel from daycare, she immediately noticed bruises on his face. Questions flooded her mind that she hoped would be answered by the workers present at the daycare that day. However, Davis tells WAFB that while the bruising is terrible, she is more upset by the lack of answers.

Bite Marks and Bruises Found On 15-month-old


Not only were there bruises on the 15-month-old's face, but he also had bite marks on his back. Any parent can sympathize with Davis' desire to know what happened to her son. She speculates that a staff member could have hit him or another child there that day is responsible for the markings.

If another child is responsible, she questions where the staff was during this time and why they did not intervene, or at the very least, provide answers to what happened to Gabriel while he was under their care.

Did someone hit him or there’s a lot of these what ifs. What was he doing while all of this was going on? Was he crying or was he hitting back? What was going on while all of this was happening to him? And then it started running through my mind what if it wasn’t a child or did a child hit him or how hard did this child or whoever did this, and how long was it going on.


Daycare Unable To Provide Answers

Davis told WAFB that she called Chandra's Childcare & Learning Center, and a staff member told her, "It may have been an allergic reaction to a rug." However, her doctor confirmed that the markings were bruises not caused by an allergic reaction.

When she called the daycare again, the story changed. She was then told that her son "may have run into a wall," which she questioned the legitimacy of considering he had never done something like that before.

Davis reported the situation to Baton Rouge Police and the Department of Children and Family Services, in addition to reporting the daycare to the Louisiana Department of Education.

No baby deserves this and it really is a nightmare because being that a 15-month-old is in this position and you can’t tell me as an adult at a childcare center that’s been open for years, what happened… that’s very irresponsible

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