It sure does seem as if an awful lot of this session of the Louisiana Legislature has been tied up with using marijuana, betting on sports, and drinking. If we're being honest, based on previous actions by the legislature I would not have been surprised by at least two of those activities but that's just me.

It is true that marijuana laws and sports wagering have been some of the dominant topics of this session there was at least one drinking law that has been passed by the House of Representatives that should come as great news to connoisseurs of fine wines. That legislation that cleared the lower chamber yesterday would allow for the direct shipment of wines to consumers in Louisiana.

Current Louisiana law forbids manufacturers from sending wines directly to consumers in the state. The law says that if a winery has an agreement to ship a particular label into Louisiana then that label can't be purchased over the internet or through direct shipping. Currently, wineries do not file the appropriate paperwork to ship into Louisiana because of agreements with wholesalers and retailers that prevent them from doing so.

The bill which will now head to the Senate passed by a vote of 53 to 40. Many of those opposed to the legislation feel that the direct shipment of wines into the state will hurt wholesalers and retailers. However, I do think the question needs to be asked, just how many bottles of wine are we really talking about?

Personally, I'd like to have the ability to visit a vineyard or winery, taste and select a wine I enjoy, and then have that vintage sent directly to my home. It sure as heck beats trying to pack a bottle of wine in a suitcase. It would also mean that the wine I wanted and chose would be the wine that I received. Otherwise, I might have to special order a bottle through a retailer or take the chance that the vintage and label that I want is in stock.

Now if you're not a fan of expensive wine, I used to say "I buy no wine unless it's $3.99", then you might want to check out some of these favorably reviewed bottles that won't set you back an awful lot of money.

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