She has seen enough.

A doctor in New Orleans who assisted a woman after she was injured in a recent carjacking at Costco says that she and her family are leaving The Cresent City due to the crime and violence throughout.

Dr. Aarti Pais told WWLTV in New Orleans that she helped treat a woman who was dragged by her car after thieves stole the car from Costco, while she was pumping gas.

While the doctor was treating the carjacking victim for cuts and bruises on the scene, some did not seem to be bothered by the violence and continued to pump gas without assisting.

The victim of the crime is recovering in a medical facility, but this doctor and her family have had enough.

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She says in the interview with WWLTV that her neighbor was recently carjacked while moving garbage cans and that she and her family just don't feel safe any longer in New Orleans.

In recent weeks there have many a number of carjackings throughout the city, with those committing these crimes rarely being caught.

Check out what else Dr. Pais had to say about what she witnessed and how she feels about the current state of New Orleans.

The case involving the carjacking at Costco remains under investigation. To see the video of the doctor saying she is leaving New Orleans, CLICK HERE.

Here's a video of another carjacking in New Orleans.

Sadly, that isn't the only carjacking on camera. This incident happened at the same location where Dr. Pais assisted the injured victim in a separate case.

Many who have watched these videos have offered up some really good safety tips for those in New Orleans and here's one that caught my attention.


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