I want to warn you, what you're about to see is very disturbing.

A family in Vermilion Parish had to live through a nightmare after their little girl was attacked in her own driveway by a neighbors dog.

The dog runs up on the child from behind the white SUV and that's when the struggle ensues. You can see both of the little girl's parents struggle to get the dog off of their child.

The father of the child is later seen running into the house to get a gun after they could not release the dog's jaws from the child's head.

After continuing to struggle with the dog, the only option left for the father here was to shoot the dog. The mother of the little tells me that it saved her daughter's life.

The little girl was rushed to the hospital by ambulance and had to be treated for several wounds across her body.

According to comments on Facebook, the little girl who was attacked here has already undergone plastic surgery.

Our media partners at KATC-TV 3 report, "Deputies investigating the incident are forwarding criminal charges to the District Attorney, to include violation of the Vermilion Parish animal control ordinance and negligent injury." More charges could be added as the investigation moves forward.

We share this video with you to remind you to always makes sure your dogs are locked up so that they cannot get out and harm others.

The mother of the child attacked here gave me permission to share this GRAPHIC video with you. This was hard to watch.


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