There are some who believe that there is a super group of fast food marketing masterminds residing deep beneath the lowest secret level of the Pentagon conspiring to develop more sophisticated methods of selling garbage to the American public.

Regardless if you believe this or not, those masterminds have emerged with a report that says that Domino’s stores have made the decision to do away with “pizza,” as they are preparing to unleash something called “pizza theater.”

While in the throes of a four-year-long branding makeover, Domino’s plans to get rid of the word “pizza” from all US signage, leaving only the red-and-blue, slanted domino tiles – or, depending on the location, the tile and the word “Domino’s,” as the company intends on jumping the marketing brandwagon with the likes of McDonald’s and its golden arches and Nike with its signature swoosh.

The company also plans to add more seating space to all new and existing stores, which will feature places to watch the pizza-making process that Domino’s has labeled “pizza theater”– hoping to boost its growing number of “pick up” customers, who currently make up 30 percent of their sales, according to a company spokesperson.

There have already about 12 “concept stores” that have been built this year.

However, while Domino’s says it is making lots of changes to its appearance and the way it presents itself, it insists it is “not changing our business model and not shifting toward dine-in.”

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