This adorable 6 year old is an over-the-shoulder trick shot master!

I can't even make a backwards basketball shot let alone any of these ridiculous over-the-shoulder trick shots the adorable Riley Dashwood made! Seriously, she threw a DVD over her shoulder, into the DVD Player, and then it closed. She is the epitome of cool ... and she's only 6 years old.

I love that she starts off simple, then slowly reveals her her trick shot boss-ness. At first you think "Eh no big deal, she just threw a ball over her shoulder", but then WHAM there she is tossing bread over her shoulder into the toaster. What! And sometimes it looks like she even surprises herself with her mad over-the-shoulder trick shot skills. I've never been so jealous of a 6 year old.

Someone please tell me the Harlem Globe Trotters have already recruited her.