What are the Ragin' Cajuns up to in the offseason? Oh nothing, just kicking footballs off the top of Cajun Field and catching them from 90 yards out.

Ragin' Cajuns Kicker Stevie Artigue (from Lafayette High School) is a trick shot wizard, and Running Back Elijah McGuire is one of the best athletes to ever step foot on campus. They teamed up for one of the craziest trick shots we've seen in a while, and they made it look insanely easy.

If you ever went to the top of the stands at Cajun Field and looked over the edge, you know how high the stadium reaches. Stevie clearly isn't afraid of heights, because he went all the way to the top of the press box for his most recent stunt.

From way up in the clouds, Stevie spins a ball to himself, winds up and smashes a kick about 90 yards to Eli, who is waiting below at field level. If you factor gravity into the equation, it means the ball is coming down with some serious velocity.

Again, they both make this look WAY too easy.

I don't even care how many attempts it took them to pull that off. The reality is though, they probably did it the very first try.

Keep these trick shots coming, Stevie. If you need another guest appearance for your next video, call us up. We have a lot of free time in the summer too...