Here's an interesting Downtown Lafayette history lesson.

As it would turn out, Lafayette is no stranger to parking garage drama. There has been much conversation and debate over the past few years when it comes to what should happen with the Buchanan street parking garage (and downtown parking in general) but photographer Philip Gould dropped a little downtown history lesson pointing out our "mixed history" when it comes to parking towers.

Downtown Lafayette reposted the photo, elaborating on one of the more familiar nods to the "ex-garage."

Did you know that the Domengeaux Wright Roy & Edwards building on Jefferson and Vermilion was originally built to be an automated parking garage? However the automation did not work well and the building went unused for years before Domengeaux and Wright converted it into an office building. Robert Dafford's "Ex-Garage" mural on the side of the building is a nod to the structure's previous use.

Next time you're downtown, take a look up at this popular intersection and just imagine what it may have looked like if that parking garage wasn't a "failure."


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