Drake is truly a fly guy. Recently, a video showed Drizzy's airplane landing on an airstrip next to people on a beach.

On Friday (Dec. 30), TikTok user @oneromaine posted a video of Drake's airplane, aptly titled Air Drake, landing on an airstrip near people who were filming it on a beach in St. Maarten. It looks unreal at first, with the airplane hovering over ocean waters before it dives further into the airstrip.

The video cuts off after Air Drake makes a perfect landing. It's unclear when the video was actually filmed. So there's no word if the OVO Sound leader is celebrating the New Year in St. Maarten. You can watch it at the bottom of this post.

For those unfamiliar, St Maarten is an island in the Caribbean Sea near the Netherlands. The weather on the island is currently sunny and warm with temperatures hovering around 80-plus degrees. That's some great weather to usher in 2023.

As for Drake's airplane, it's a private Boeing 767 given to him for free by Cargojet, which is an airliner based in Canada. The airline company thinks the publicity of a Grammy Award-winning rap superstar flying their plane will boost interest in people flying their aircraft.

Drake's Boeing 767 is a used aircraft that is over two-decades old. The plane has been refurbished to fit the 6 God's needs when he flies. Air Drake is also repainted in a sky blue color with an image of his OVO Owl sitting atop a globe on the aircraft's tail.

Watch Videos of Air Drake Landing for the First Time on St. Maarten Below

@oneromaine Drake’s private jet, called “Air Drake,” was spotted landing in St Maarten!Air Drake is a Boeing 767 and is worth a whopping $185 Million This is just one of many of Drake’s impressive possessions. #drake #airdrake #stmaarten ♬ original sound - OneRomaineTV

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