Drake Bell may have just taken things too far in his war against Justin Bieber and his Beliebers.

It's no secret that Drake Bell seriously dislikes Bieber and Bieber's fans -- he's made that crystal clear in his various Twitter rants and super-awkward airport greeting. But now, he reportedly took things way too far -- seemingly telling one fan that he hopes she dies.

According to a screencap obtained by OceanUp, the former 'Drake & Josh' star commented on an Instagram pic of Bieber, addressing the fan:

"You[r] idol doesn't even do anything but cause trouble anymore. No music no movies he's just being an idiot," Bell reportedly wrote, adding: "Oh and I hope you die soon." Whoa!

If you ask us, this whole Drake Bell-Justin Bieber feud has officially gotten out of control. Granted, Bieber may not always have the most admirable behavior, but right now, it looks like Drake Bell is becoming what he hates.

Beliebers and PopCrushers, what do you think of the situation?

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