Whether or not you're a fan of Drake's music, it's hard to deny that he's a stand-up guy, based on many of his actions. According to the Manchester Evening News, Drizzy offered to talk with a suicidal man on a bridge in England.

The Manchester Evening News reports that the situation occurred around 5:40 a.m. on Mancunian Way near London Road. A suicidal man was standing on the Mancunian Way bridge, causing major traffic, and Drake's tour bus was stuck in the traffic jam after his gig at Manchester Arena.

Inspector Phil Spurgeon, of the City Centre Integrated Neighbourhood Policing Team, spoke with Manchester Evening News. "One officer was approached by a male from a tour van caught up in the traffic congestion, claiming to be part of Drake’s entourage," Spurgeon says. "He offered for Drake to speak to the male on the bridge, if that would help. The offer was declined with thanks."

Fortunately, the suicidal man was eventually taken to the hospital for assessment and treatment. He was brought down from the bridge sometime before 7 a.m. Although Drake didn't play a role in the outcome, props to the OVO frontman for reaching out and offering help.

Drizzy's offer brings to mind a similar situation. the time Muhammad Ali once talked a suicidal man out of jumping to his death from a nine-story building in Los Angeles in 1981.

In music-related news, Drake sent a congratulatory text to Chance The Rapper after Chano's three Grammy wins on Sun. (Feb. 12). Now, the Chi-town rapper is getting set to unleash a remix of Drake's song "Grammys," which appeared on Views.

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