Drake is calling out today's "weak generation" after a young man challenged fighter Nate Diaz's brother, Nick Diaz, at a boxing press conference with YouTuber Jake Paul.

In a slick attempt to gain notoriety in the boxing world on Tuesday (May 9), a youthful-sounding man, who identifies himself as a boxer and an employee of Jake Paul's Betr Media company, brazenly stepped up to famed MMA fighter Nate Diaz to call out Diaz's brother, Nick, during a press conference for an upcoming fight, which will take place on Aug. 5. After the brief exchange ahead of Nate Diaz's boxing match with Jake Paul, Drake took the contentious moment as an opportunity to express his opinions on the current generation.

"Nate, I’m actually a boxer myself and I’ve been trying to get into this undercard," Derek, the young Betr Media employee began his question to Nate Diaz in the video below. "I’m just wondering if I could fight your brother, Nick. If he’s anything like you, I think I’d beat his f*****g a**."

In response, Nate Diaz, never one to back down from a challenge or mince his words, replied, "Brother, what’re you just gonna walk away on the streets or some s**t? You know all my homeboys see you right now. That was stupid, huh? Stupid-a** muthaf****r. What the f**k? You deserve to get your a** whipped."

After word got around to Drake that Nate Diaz was called out in such a way, Champagne Papi hit up his Instagram Story in defense of his longtime friend and favorite fighter against Derek and today's generation as a whole.

"Man, why would u play with a real G?" Drake wrote along with a video of the heated exchange. "This is a weak generation."

It appears that Drake isn't the only one surprised by the young man's outlandish attempt to gode the notorious Diaz brothers. During the press conference, Jake Paul himself apologized to Nate Diaz for what his employee had said and declared that the YouTuber-turned-boxer would "fire him later."

While the two appear to be on common ground at the moment, Jake Paul recently blamed Drake and his infamous curse for his loss to Tommy Fury.

See Drake Call Out Today's Weak Generation and Watch the Young Man Challenge Nate Diaz's Brother to a Fight at the Jake Paul Press Conference Below

Drake Calls Out Today’s ‘Weak Generation’ After Young Man Challenges Fighter Nate Diaz’s Brother at Jake Paul Boxing Press Conference

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