Back in January at UFC 257 Lafayette native, Dustin Poirier fought Conor McGregor. Poirier knocked McGregor out. To commemorate that moment YouTube star turned prizefighter Jake Paul commissioned a necklace that featured a likeness of McGregor in a semi-conscious state. Jake Paul dubbed the necklace "Sleepy McGregor".


Paul actually was wearing that necklace this past Saturday night when Poirier faced McGregor again. Poirier was declared the winner of the fight after McGregor was unable to continue following a horrific ankle injury.

Paul has since offered to give that necklace, a $100,000 piece of jewelry to Poirier. In fact, Paul told ESPN that he is in the process of shipping the piece to Poirier. Paul, who is preparing for an August boxing match against Tyron Woodley told the World Wide Leader that,

I'm hoping [Poirier] takes a picture with it. I think that'd be the most legendary thing and make Conor look so stupid.

DAZN Boxing via YouTube
DAZN Boxing via YouTube

From what we understand, Robert Roveta, Dustin Poirier's manager, has confirmed the deal between the two fighters. Although the actual chain has not arrived as of yet.

Once the necklace has been received, according to Roveta, the plan is for Dustin Poirier to auction it off for charity. Poirier is well known among the UFC ranks as being one of the most philanthropic fighters in the series. His Good Fight Foundation has already helped countless young people here in his home state of Louisiana.

If you're wondering how did a YouTuber turned boxer get in the middle of one of UFC's biggest storylines we believe it stems from an offer that Jake Paul made to Conor McGregor back in December. In that offer, Paul offered McGregor $50 million to fight him in boxing. Obviously, that fight never came to fruition.

By the way, if you missed UFC 264, here's how that bout unfolded.

But there will be some good that came out of it. We know Dustin Poirier is a man of his word. We know he holds his altruistic endeavors in high regard and will use this piece of memorabilia to foster better things for the youth in our state.

We also know that this isn't over between Poirier and McGregor, although some, okay many, are suggesting the McGregor is past his prime when it comes to UFC. The bottom line is he, McGregor, is still the sport's biggest draw and wherever he goes, is where the money will go.

Let's hope it leads back to Dustin Poirier for a fourth fight and an even bigger payday for a young man who understands it's not about taking, it's about giving back.

Speaking of getting paid, Dustin Poirier is just one of many professional athletes who call or have called Lafayette and Acadiana home at some time during their careers. How many of these do you remember?

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