KLFY-TV 10 reports that the truck caught fire near the gas pumps, but the driver of the vehicle had not yet started to pump gas.

According to the report, the clerk inside the gas station saw what was going on and quickly evacuated everyone from the property.

The Opelousas Fire Department was quick to respond to the fire and was able to extinguish the fire near the gas pumps before anything further damage was done.


I'll remind you if ever you see something like this at a gas pump, most stations have a cutoff valve for gas flow in the front of the building. By stopping the flow of gas in times like this can be the difference between a small vehicle fire or an explosion.

Again, we're glad to hear that no one was injured in the accident in Opelousas and we applaud the clerk for thinking so fast as this truck burned.

By evacuating customers the clerk may have helped save anyone from being injured here.


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