Drew Brees knew it was coming, so he said it before anyone else could.

It's no secret that one of the major factors that led to Drew Brees' retirement was the fact that his arm just didn't have the same strength as it once did. It doesn't take away from the fact that Drew trained like a beast and honed in on things like his accuracy and decision-making to make up for not being able to launch the ball 50 yards downfield toward the end of his career.

In his first game at quarterback in the post-Brees era, Saints quarterback Jameis Winston's arm strength was on full display.

He credited his time behind Drew for helping him to elevate his game, especially when it came to making better decisions.

To be fair, he looked a lot more like Brees than the old Jameis when it came to his decision-making, but we saw a part of the Saints' offense that we haven't seen in a long time—specifically the deep ball.

Brees, now a part of the NFL Sunday Night Football crew appeared on Football Night in America ahead of Sunday night's game and after covering highlights of the Saints game, Drew said what every Saints fan was thinking while watching the game today.

While laughing, Drew said he had to say it before co-hosts Mike Tirico or Tony Dungy could. Based on the reactions on social media from the Who Dat Nation, he definitely read all of our minds.

Fans definitely took notice and shared their hot takes on social media.


Drew was asked another important question, which he answered honestly.

Something tells me it will be just as entertaining to watch Drew Brees in the booth as it will be to watch the new Saints team do their thing this season. I think I speak for a lot of Saints fans when I say that I'm glad that football is back.

Oh, and more texts from Drew Brees, please.

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