It's called '4th and Touchdown' and New Orleans Saints Drew Brees is the first guest.

We've all seen the very strange commercials of the Old Spice robot, as he tries to be like a real person and sprays himself with Old Spice to attract girls. Then he'll just falls apart but still gets the girl.

This is nothing like!

In fact, this is a really funny interview that the Old Spice robot gives Drew Brees. Best part is when the Old Spice robot asks Drew to throw him the ball, let's just say the robot doesn't catch the ball with his hands.

On the Old Spice Web site they describe the interview as,

"When science meets the gridiron two things are mathematically inevitable. 1) Stellar interview conversations about dreams, children, and sunglasses happen. And 2) Hotdog cloning. Let’s keep this trend moving."

So there you go...

[YouTube/Old Spice]