In a week filled with bath salts and zombie attacks, a bright spot has managed to ease into our daily headlines. WWL is reporting that the New Orleans Saints and Drew Brees are VERY close to a long term deal - and if all goes as planned, we may see Number 9 signed as early as tomorrow, or on Monday by the latest.

According to Saints sideline reporter Kristian Garic,

The two sides have really closed the gap, and it may be just minor details at this point.

[via WWL]

I know I'm not the only Who Dat who was starting to get concerned that our franchise quarterback wasn't in OTAs, or participating in mini-camp - so this news should be comforting for many Saints fans in the Who Dat Nation.

Garic is reporting that the contract that we have all been impatiently waiting for will be "in the neighborhood of $20 million for the first 3 years," which trumps Peyton Manning's average of $19.3 million annual salary. He also says it will be a 5-year deal that we may see signed "as early as Friday morning... or at the latest by Monday."

As soon as the ink hits the paper, I promise to let you guys know ;)