I know what you're thinking. How can they NOT know it's Drew Brees? Just take a look at what they did to him to become unrecognizable for Undercover Boss.

Brees, of course, took a liking to Walk-Ons and bought into the company, becoming co-owner. Drew along with Walk-Ons co-founder Brandon Landry went undercover at one of the 33 open Walk-Ons locations.

Both bosses put on wigs, make-up and prosthetics to undergo their change to become unrecognizable. They both said the experience was "eye-opening", providing a profound appreciation for team members and new insights.

Are you ready for it? Here's Brees in full Undercover Boss-mode.

CBS/Undercover Boss
CBS/Undercover Boss

Landry said in a prepared statement:

“The undercover experience was incredibly rewarding as it provided an inside look at how our culture takes shape at each restaurant. We’re at a critical growth point, looking to double our presence over the next year. Going undercover afforded me the unprecedented opportunity to address areas for improvement and make refinements so that we can continue on our strategic growth path.”

In the episode, Brees is dressed as a long-haired, bearded man named "Chris" who works as a dishwasher and busser. Landry sported glasses and a full beard, and works as a Walk-On’s kitchen manager and as a seafood vendor partner.

The participation in the show helped them as they continue to spread their footprint across the country. The company is looking to add 18 additional locations by the end of 2020.

Walk-On’s currently has 33 open locations and over 150 locations in development across 15 states.

The episode is slated to air at 7pm, January 8th, 2020 on CBS.


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