The game did not end the way Saints fans hoped, but FOX is extremely pleased with the TV ratings of the playoff matchup between New Orleans and Tampa Bay.

Television ratings for live sports have been in decline recently.

Two and a half weeks ago, the College Football Playoff national championship between Alabama and Ohio State draw the smallest viewership numbers in 23 years of the CFP/BCS era.

The week 1 Wild Card round of the NFL playoffs had a 20% ratings drop from the previous season.

In need of an uptick, the playoff matchup pitting Drew Brees and the Saints versus Tom Brady and the Buccaneers accomplished it.

Most watched NFL game since the Super Bowl? Check.

Most watched NFL game of the season? Check.

Most streamed game in NFL history? Check.

CBS held the title of the most-watched game since the Super Bowl, but only for about 15 minutes.

Either way, it's a good sign for the NFL, who despite drawing TV numbers that no other sports or show could come close to topping in 2020, still had declining TV rating numbers across the board until last Sunday.

Will the surge carry over into the NFL conference championship weekend?

With 3 superstar quarterbacks who have all have at least one league MVP and Super Bowl MVP, a defending champion, a young and upcoming team with a ton of promise, and a Sunday time slot with only two games, the title of "most-watched game since Super Bowl LIV" will probably happen twice on Sunday.

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