This isn't good.

KLFY-TV 10 is reporting that 100 men are still stranded on an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico after Hurricane Ida swept through the gulf last weekend.

An anonymous person on the drilling ship says that they were left there to ride out the storm, and some are saying that they were left there due to the expense of evacuating the crew.

The Noble’s Globetrotter II drill ship is reportedly 100 miles off of the Louisiana coast and those left on there had to hunker down as the Category 4 storm swept across the gulf.

KLFY reports that a portion of the ship is leaning into the gulf and the ship is taking on water, with no rescue in sight.

A person on the rig tells KLFY-TV that a last minute attempt to evacuate the crew from the drill ship was made, but by then it was too late. They were left out in the gulf as winds of 150 mph whipped the rig that they are on.

Shell tells KLFY-TV that four injured crewmembers were evacuated from the ship and that they hope to reach and evacuate the remaining crew in the days ahead.

A Noble spokesperson told News Ten that helicopters will be able to land on the rig/ship once they are able to get charted helicopters out to the gulf. The problem, many fly out of areas that were devasted by Hurricane Ida

We will continue to follow this developing story out of the gulf and for more visit, KLFY-TV 10.


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