This icy weather in South Louisiana has definitely made driving around town a bit more difficult than it usually is. I can only hope things don't get to the point where people resort to soliciting for their favorite fast food through Craigslist.

As crazy as that may sound, that's exactly what one man in Baltimore did when he found himself drunk and trapped inside of his house because of a snowstorm in the area. Anyone who has been drunk, and craving food after a long night out has no room to judge.

Though his measures of soliciting for Taco Bell through Craigslist seemed a bit extreme, I totally applaud him for not drinking and driving. Plus, he even admits that his hybrid wouldn't be able to make the drive anyway.

Guys it's snowing like a bitch outside, I've had a few drinks too many, and my sh*tty little hybrid douchemobile can't possibly make it to the neighborhood Taco Bell in this weather. I need someone with a 4 wheel drive vehicle to come pick my drunk ass up, take me to the Taco Bell drive-thru, and drive me back home. Then we can hang out and play video games if you're not a rapist. This is maybe 2 miles round trip. I'll pay in tacos. or chalupas. whatever. Seriously my desire for tacos right now is totally unmanageable, so I'd probably even buy you a 7 layer burrito if you asked nicely.

Pretty soon the ad made it to the frontpage of Reddit where the man on a mission to make a run for the border allegedly popped up under the username squirrelsoup. No one took him up on his offer, but he ended up getting Taco Bell, nonetheless.

I ended up taking myself after a bit of sobering up,

This dude just might be the poster child for Live Mas.

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