Rod Wave hopped on a jet ski and comedian Druski had some jokes on the rapper's water-driving skills.

Sunday (March 13), Druski posted a video to his Instagram Stories of Rod Wave riding a jet ski. As Rod was pulling out into open water, Druski said, "Oh, hell naw. Rod, don't do it. Rod, don't do it, man!"

"Rod, don't do it!" he repeated, trying to hold back laughter. "Don't do that shit, man! Bruh, this n***a goin' two miles an hour." Druski captioned the clip with a laughing emoji: "Shit ain't even pickup speed."

The video has since gone viral on multiple accounts across Twitter and Instagram. You can watch it below.

Over the last year, Druski has become a constant fixture in hip-hop culture. From interviewing artists at Rolling Loud to hosting J. Cole's fall tour last year, he has proven that he's here to stay as a figure in the genre.

Rod Wave has been continuing his rise up the ranks as well. His last album SoulFly sold an impressive 130,000 total units first-week. Most recently, however, the rapper-singer gave his fans a scare when he dropped a song titled "Nirvana," which people perceived as a potential suicide note. Rod later addressed the fans' response to the track and assured his supporters that he didn't intend it to be taken the way it was.

"Why the fuck people take that shit and just say that was my suicide letter?" he said in an Instagram Live video at the time. "That's not how that works. That's not how suicide letters work. You don't go to a studio and record a suicide letter."

Hopefully, aside from Druski's commentary, Rod Wave enjoyed his time on the jet ski.

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