Well, as another week in the coronavirus outbreak and the Louisiana stay-at-home order passes, people are getting very creative with all their extra time. This definitely can be said for country singer, Dustin Sonnier.

This past week, we were advised that if you had to get out, it was encouraged that you wear a protective mask and gloves when going to the grocery store and other public places. However, we all know there is a shortage of protective gear out there, so Dustin came up with a simple solution I think none of else even thought about.

Dustin Sonnier (Photo Provided by Dustin Sonnier)
Dustin Sonnier (Photo Provided by Dustin Sonnier)

Dustin took to Facebook on Saturday to post a how-to video on making a protective face mask out of something most folks in Louisiana own hundreds of: a beer koozie.

Dustin walks his fans through what items you will need to make the mask and gives you step-by-step instructions on how to make it while he assembles one live, of course, while drinking a beer.

I have to say, it was comical but informative at the same time. Check this out, y'all.

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