A bit of dumpster diving made one West Monroe woman easy picking for local police.

This past Friday, December 10, around 3:30 am, deputies with the Lincoln Parish Sheriff's Office arrested 47-year-old Leah Fancher on multiple drug charges along with one count of scavenging.

The arrest came after officers were called to investigate a suspicious vehicle by some dumpsters located at U.S. Hwy 80 and Pleasant Grove Road in Choudrant, Louisiana.

Upon arrival, officers made contact with a female passenger sitting in a Dodge Ram truck while Fancher was searching inside a dumpster with a flashlight.

Deputies then asked Fancher and her passenger what they were doing, and Fancher stated that they were just throwing things away.

But of course, the officers suspected differently and investigated the vehicle. It's then that they discovered a pill bottle containing six suspected Konopin tablets, a Xanax bar, and multiple needles.

Deputies also found two glass smoking pipes, a bottle of pills not prescribed to Fancher, a digital scale, two more needles, two additional bottles of pills, and a clear plastic baggie containing Promethazine tablets.

Oh, and it was also discovered that Fancher had a Failure to Appear Warrant out of West Feliciana Parish.

Leah Fancher was arrested and booked into the Lincoln Parish Detention on the following charges:

  • 1 count Scavenging
  • 2 counts Possession of CDS-IV
  • 1 count Possession of CDS-V
  • 2 counts Possession of Legend Drug
  • 1 count Fugitive Other Jurisdiction

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