I'd rather look bad without photoshop than look even worse with photoshop, just saying.

Yeah, I'll admit it, I wish I could photoshop all of my pictures and make myself look perfect, but I'm pretty sure an Instagram filter is as close to photoshopped as I'll ever get. And of course I know that all magazine covers are photoshopped, and no one really looks as flawless as they do in the pictures, but it's hard not to want to look as good as they do! I just need a professional photoshopper to fix my pics, nothing crazy, just make me look like I have great hair, perfect skin, and a rockin' bod ... ok, yeah that's a lot of stuff.

But then I saw this video of photoshop fails and I immediately regretted ever wishing photoshop upon myself. I'd rather have a few tummy rolls than a giraffe neck or bobble head. I wonder if the people that messed up these photos were fired asap? I mean, you can't just make Adam Levine look like he's missing half of his torso and get away with it! Those abs are perfect, you don't mess with Adam's abs!

I think after watching this video we can all agree that we'd rather be a little less perfect and a little more real.

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