This New Orleans kickball player is going viral for his mega whiff during a recent match.

The video has made its rounds worldwide, but a friend of mine actually plays in the league and tells me that their local league, KOCC (Kickball of Crescent City) is aware of the video and tells me that the guy who took the big whiff is James Clesi, a 10-year veteran.

He owns Clesi's restaurant on Banks street. Recently was named best-fried catfish in New Orleans. His team, Cobra Kai, was playing against the Maulers. Their pitcher, Joe Culotta, is left handed and throws a nasty curve ball. Clesi always swings for the fences, and the curve was just too nasty and he whiffed completely.

Clesi seems like a pretty good sport, but he's gonna have to work on that form before he gets hurt!

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