Can you say nightmare fuel? Elevator flies up 31 floors and crashes hard at top floor! 


This nightmare was all caught on surveillance camera as Jose Vergara Acevedo entered the elevator ride of his life.

According to Guyism  Mr. Acevedo entered the elevator on the first floor of his brand new apartment complex. Before the doors closed behind him the elevator took off like it stole something!

You can see in the video Mr. Acevedo tries desperately to stop the elevator by pressing all the buttons in a panic, but noting and no one was stoping this thing. It was on a mission to reach the top floor, 31 floors up in 15 seconds! OMG!

When it finally came to a crashing stop at the top floor, emergency personnel were able to rescue Mr. Acevedo. He suffered head and leg injuries and may not be able to walk again because of damage to his spine.

Thank goodness it didn't decided to drop Mr. Acevedo 31 floors down.

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