At least two employees were assaulted at a Spirit Halloween store in south Louisiana.

Spirit Halloween stores usually pop up a couple of months before Halloween to offer a large variety of costumes and accessories, but for one store employee at a Houma location, this year has been absolute hell.

Leah Miller, Facebook
Leah Miller, Facebook

Things hit a low point for Houma store manager Karla Guidry who says she was assaulted by a pair of customers on Sunday night (Oct. 30). Guidry says she and another employee confronted a pair of customers who were reportedly attempting to steal costumes from the store when she was "snuck in the head."

Guidry says her co-worker was also hit in the mouth and both women sustained injuries from the alleged assault.

While the two employees are fine, Guidry says it "hurts to even smile" due to the injuries to her face.

we’re okay.. my face hurts to even smile, but the flashback it gave me hurts more.. PTSD is bad for this reason here..

According to the Houma store manager, police are aware of the incident and are currently looking for those responsible for the act.

Leah Miller, a Regional Director and Operating Partner with Spirit Halloween, oversees stores all across the region and says this is the second time a manager has been physically assaulted "by a customer who couldn't have their way."

She also described how hectic things have been in the week leading up to Halloween and says her staff has been "treated like dirt by the general public" this season.

This particular incident happened in the Spirit Halloween location in Houma, in the former Kirkland's building at 1779 Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Anyone with any information can contact the Houma Police Department.

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