Lafayette, LA has many ties to France. From the earliest settlers to the lasting French influence in architecture and our famous cuisine.

Lafayette, LA’s sister city in France, Le Cannet is a charming town on the French Riviera, just a few kilometers from Cannes. It is known for its art scene, beautiful views, and relaxed atmosphere.

But you don’t have to travel to Le Cannet to get your French fix! Visit these three spots in Lafayette, LA, that will transport you to France by simply walking in!


It’s an escape without travel. The sophistication of an upscale European cocktail lounge is met with the playfulness and hospitality of the South.

Palmyre, located at 201 Settlers Trace Blvd #3011, Lafayette, LA, offers fancy without the fuss, just like a night out should feel.

The space is a collaboration between Colleen and Stuart Ottinger and Nashville-based interior designer Lindsay Rhodes. Their team hand-selected each piece, fixture, and texture to inspire the spirit of conversation and connection.

Touching on Lafayette’s particular connection to and affinity for its unique French heritage, Ottinger told Country Roads Magazine that she hoped Palmyre’s Parisian influence would offer a more chic interpretation.


Pouparts, located at 1902 W. Pinhook, is Acadiana's only authentic French bakery!

Francois Poupart left his native France for Lafayette in 1965 to pressure a job as a pastry chef. Poupart grew to love the Lafayette region and opened Poupart’s Bakery five years later.

The bakery remains popular 60 years later under the direction of his son and master baker Patrick Poupart, who grew up there since the family lived upstairs.

Expect to find traditionally made French bread, including croissants, baguettes, pistolettes, brioche, and traditional French bread. If you have a sweet tooth, the Douberge (dough-bash) is a local favorite: a fluffy cake layered with dessert pudding and topped with icing.

Jane’s Cafe

At Jane’s Cafe, they offer contemporary Parisian cuisine to the Lafayette area. The menu uses high-quality, seasonal ingredients to present French classics with a modern twist.

The home-turned-restaurant has a lovely courtyard with a fountain and a small pergola in the corner.

Inside is a real wood-burning fireplace, antique chandeliers, and this old-world charm that gives you the impression that the home was here for much longer than just 16 years.

There you have it. Transport to Europe and enjoy the French experience without having to leave Lafayette. While nothing will ever compare to the real thing, these three places will get you pretty close to the vibes of our sister city.

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