Today, I came home and decided that nothing would be better after a long day, than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So I make my way to the cabinet and grab the peanut butter. Then, I pop open the fridge, and snag the grape jelly. Last but not least, I open up the bread box (that I just scored on Amazon for a great price) and .... OH MY LORD ... WHAT THE F..... ????

What I saw was something I had never seen before. What I saw was something I never knew existed until that very moment. Was it real? Was this some sort of joke? Was this like, a real life photoshop or something?


What I was seeing was real. It was VERY real. Right before my eyes, was a fresh loaf of Evangeline Maid Wheat Bread. No, that wasn't a typo. Yes, I said Evangeline Maid WHEAT Bread!

evangeline maid wheat bread
Hot 107.9 Photo

But where did it come from?

Immediately I questioned my girlfriend, as a parent would question their child when they found cigarettes or a lighter hidden in a coat pocket. She told me she got it at Albertson's, and was just as puzzled as I am with the same questions running through her head.

Why hasn't anyone told us about this? How haven't we heard about this before? How long has this been going on?

I posted the above photo on my Instagram, (which also links to my Facebook and Twitter) asking if anyone else knew about this. Just about every person, minus a handful of folks, had NEVER heard of this Evangeline Maid Wheat Bread. When I realized I wasn't alone in this EVWB befuddlement, I knew I had to post this for my Hot 107.9 peeps.

Were you already hip to this bread? If so, how long have you known about this treasure of a bread? Comment below now!

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