Allow us to introduce you to a man by the name of Michael Ornstein. He is a convicted felon that many blame for the disqualification of Reggie Bush's "Heisman Trophy." He was also the marketing agent for the former Saint, Reggie Bush, and once served eight months in prison in 2010 for conspiring to scalp Super Bowl tickets and sell fake "game-worn" jerseys. Oh by the way, he is very close friends with Saints Coach Sean Payton.

Michael Orstein is a man of power and prestige. He is a man that is heavily tied into the NFL, it's players, and it coaches. But for some reason this guy has very strong connections with the Saints organization. He has been seen at practice, on the field during games, and was even part of the Saints Superbowl victory in Miami (yes on the field.) reported that Ornstein on at least four occasions pledged $5,000 to $10,000 to the New Orleans bounty pool from 2009 to 2011. In a story about Ornstein in its Friday edition, the New Orleans Times-Picayune reported that he and Saints owner Tom Benson had a clash just days before Super Bowl XLIV in the team hotel. Without going into any deep speculation here, you can't help but think that Benson smelt the "rat" that may have been in the room.

In 2011, Ornstein may have made his biggest mistake when the e-mailed Saints coach Sean Payton. The e-mail was in regards to the bounty program, which Payton claimed to know nothing about, and it was directed to funding players if a certain quarterback was "taken out." I say this may have been his biggest mistake because this is where the infamous "paper trail" started that brought down Head Coach Sean Payton.


This guy, Ornstein, was a regular figure in the Saints organization. Here he is with the coaching staff at a training practice, yes again on the field. Whatever the case may be, Michael Ornstein carries lots of baggage with him and he seems to bring controversy with him wherever he appears. Is this the man to blame for "Bounty Gate?" Tell us, what do you think about this man and could one of his comrades be the one to have snitched?

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