They're everywhere.

Have you noticed that the love bugs are back in south Louisiana?

Well, while sitting on the patio a few nights ago, while being attacked by many, I decided to read up on love bugs and I found some very interesting facts on this insect.

For starters, the bugs that are attached to each other are mating and they can stay attached for up to two days. They only mate for up to 12 hours but remain attached for days.

I also learned that the love bugs don't have a very long life expectancy. Did you know that the life expectancy of a love bug is only three to four days?

These pesty bugs live long enough to eat, mate, and spread their eggs. As a matter of fact, female love bugs die as soon as they lay their eggs.

As for what they are attracted to, love bugs are reportedly attracted to heat and exhaust fumes that may be emitted from vehicles and lawnmowers.

Knowing that, female love bugs know where to find their mate, and when they do, the rest is history.

If you're worried about being bit or contracting some disease from these seasonal bugs, you have nothing to worry about.

Love bugs do not bite and they do not transmit diseases, which means they are no harm to pets that may be outdoors.

The only real purpose these bugs serve is with their larvae. The larvae convert the dead vegetation into humus, which is a nutrient for the soil.


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