Famous Dex can't be mad at the fan who tried to steal a jet in Arkansas to go to one of his shows in Chicago last summer. Speaking with TMZ on Monday morning (Feb. 4), the Chicago rapper let loose his plans to show the teen a good time.

"I'm flying him out," Dex said. "I'm going to put him in the nicest hotel in L.A. I'ma get him tickets to the show. He gonna stand right next to my DJ."

That's not all Dex plans to do for the fan, who was born Zemarcuis Scott. Dex also says he plans to take Scott shopping while he's out in L.A. He also says he wants to help pay for the fines Scott got hit with after he attempted to steal an American Eagle twin-engine jet from Texarkana Regional Airport in Texarkana, Ark.

Last summer (July 4), police found Scott attempting to operate the plane with zero flying experience in the pilot's seat inside the cockpit of the aircraft. After avoiding jail time, Scott was ordered to pay a $1,000 fine and may have to seek mental health treatment if the court deems it necessary. Dex claims he's going to help Scott with all that.

"I'ma fly him out to L.A. I'm gonna take him shopping and I'mma pay for his fines. All that."

Watch Famous Dex's reaction to Scott's case below.

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