WWL-TV is reporting that members of the "Who Dat Nation" have filed a $80-Million class-action lawsuit against NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell and the NFL. The lawsuit is headed by David James Macina, a St. Tammany resident and Saints season ticket holder.

A class-action lawsuit was filed against Goodell in the U.S. District Court for the punishments levied against the Saints players, coaches and management for their roles in the bounty scandal. The group of fans spearheading the lawsuit claim that the recent punishments have devalued their season tickets and are also seeking punitive damages for their distress.

The lawsuit contends that Mancina and other season ticket holders “purchased their tickets with the representation, and expectation, from the Commissioner and the League that the Saints would be capable of competitively fielding a contending team comprised of the finest athletes, and the best coaches, under contract with the New Orleans Saints, or available to them through normal trades and draft choices, without dictatorial, unreasonable, vindictive, and unfounded, interference from the Commissioner and the League, devoid of due process.

The lawsuit also states that players, coaches, and administrators were suspended "without due process, sufficient evidence, and without consideration for the rights of the paying ticket holder Plaintiffs, and the 85,000 members of the class, summarily, without due process or credible evidence."

Do these fans have a legitimate case---probably so. But the question remains, can these fans win this multimillion dollar lawsuit? I'm not an attorney, and I'm not going to try and play one, but I think their lawsuit is fore-fetched. And the only problem I have with such type lawsuits is that these type lawsuits only clog-up the court proceedings even more. I hate to think that a more "legitimate" case may be put on the back burner in the court proceedings because this case, or a case like it, is in it's way. But again, we do live in America, and these fans have a right to go before the court if they feel cheated or robbed in any way, shape, or form.


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