It was announced early in 2022 that Direct TV was no longer going to carry NFL Sunday Ticket. This was a hot commodity to NFL super fans as they could get access to every single game. This includes in-market games and out-of-market games. This made it easy to watch any game live at the click of a button. In the Summer of 2022, Direct TV announced that it would no longer carry the package and a bidding war would ensue for the rights.

In December, it was announced that Google had outbid Amazon and ESPN for the rights to NFL Sunday Ticket and that it would be streamed on YouTube TV. It was a 7-year $2 Billion deal according to WSJ.

Some fans weren’t excited about the change, but many were many optimistic considering that would have to get a package with Direct TV anymore and could just buy Sunday Ticket by itself. There were still many questions about the price, but YouTube answered all of them earlier this morning.

For those who already use YouTube TV as a streaming service, the price is not that bad. The price takes a jump up for those who aren’t members already. Direct TV charged users $293 a season for the Sunday ticket package. That’s a significant price difference if you are not a YouTube TV subscriber. This is what fans had to say about the new pricing options.

How do you feel about Sunday Ticket’s new prices, will you pay for the YouTube TV package or not?

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