Farrah Abraham recently exploded on Celebrity Big Brother UK, threatening to kill everyone on the show.

Farrah's outbursts and subsequent cry faces are pretty normal to fans of Teen Mom OG, but she took things to a new level when she exploded after an argument with another housemate.

Abraham was going back and forth, exchanging explicit words with English singer Natasha Hamilton when Big Brother called Farrah to the Diary Room in an attempt to calm things down.

This only made Abraham more heated, especially after she broke her flip flop on the way in.

Oh, because I was going to f------g obliterate the f------g scum you have in this f------g house,” Farrah screamed at the camera about being made to go into the confessional. “Yeah, and I’m just going to say this: If my f------g flip-flops are not f------g fixed because of your goddamn mouth over the f------g intercom, I am going to straight up f------g kill this whole f------g house!

Somehow, Farrah hasn't been evicted from the house yet.

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