John Brooks, the father of Madison Brooks, a 19-year-old LSU student who was tragically killed earlier this year, has initiated a lawsuit against several parties he claims are responsible for his daughter's untimely death. According to WAFB, the lawsuit was filed in the 19th Judicial District Court and targets a wide range of individuals and entities, including Reggie’s Bar in Baton Rouge, its owners, employees, and even insurance companies.

Parties Involved in the Lawsuit

Among those named in the lawsuit are Reggie’s Bar along with its owners Darin Adams and John Landry, and employees Andy Gleneck, Alex Schexnayder, Landon Rees, and Jackson Robichaux. Additionally, four men—Kaivon Washington, Desmond Carter, Casen Carver, and Everette Lee—are accused in connection to Madison's death. The lawsuit also targets Lyft Inc., as well as the Lyft driver James Hayward Jr. who was involved that night, and various insurance companies including State Farm Fire and Casualty Company, DEF Insurance, XYZ Insurance, XXX Insurance, and SafeCo Insurance.

David Courcelle, the attorney for John Brooks, commented on the emotional pain that continues to affect the bereaved father, stating, "The horrific end to Madison’s life has caused unbearable emotional distress for her father. It’s high time to hold Reggie’s Bar, its staff, and all other involved parties accountable for their flagrant disregard of Louisiana's drinking laws, which culminated in Madison’s tragic death. Reggie's Bar has a known history of serving alcohol to minors, and this time it ended in the loss of a young, talented life."

Events Leading to Madison Brooks’ Death

Madison Brooks was about to begin the second semester of her sophomore year at LSU. She had spent an evening at Reggie's, a popular yet notorious bar located in the high-crime area known as "Tigerland." According to reports, between 11:38 p.m., when she last texted her friend Baustert, and 3 a.m. the following morning, Madison was allegedly raped by men she had met at the bar.

Four suspects, Desmond Carter, 17; Casen Carver, 18; Everette Lee, 28; and Kaivon Washington, 18, have been arrested in relation to the alleged sexual assault. Washington and Carter are specifically accused of raping Madison, while Carver, who drove the car, and Lee are said to have aided in the crime, according to prosecutors. All four men, through their legal representation, have denied the charges and entered pleas of not guilty.

See the full lawsuit below and more on the story here via WAFB.

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